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How and When to Drain a Fiberglass Pool

For most (if not all) pool manufacturers, an authorized dealer must drain the pool, or you may void your warranty. Pools Constructor in Kerala

The basic process:

  1. Verify that the weather will be dry during the entire process.
  2. Inspect and remove any groundwater.
  3. Brace the pool. (Pools Constructor in Kerala)
  4. Remove the water, making sure that the floor doesn’t lift.

Check the weather first. You’ll need to drain and refill the pool all in dry weather. (If you get a big storm, it could flood around the outside of the pool. The pool wouldn’t have the water pressure to hold up against it.)

Inspect and remove any groundwater. This is where that sump pipe comes in handy.

Brace the pool across the width of the pool. Typically 3 braces are used 18–24 inches down the side walls of the pool.

Start removing the water.

The side walls of the pool may push in from the pressure, which can cause the floor to lift.

As you remove water, inspect the pool floor to verify that it’s not lifting or feeling spongy.

One trick to keep the floor down: put 6–8 big plastic trash cans in the pool when it’s full. As you lower the water level, the water stays in the trash cans and provides downward pressure. Pools Constructor in Kerala


What other maintenance do fiberglass pools need?

Fiberglass pools need the least maintenance of all three pool types. And the best news of all: 95% of fiberglass pools won’t need to be drained for decades.

So are they the most low-maintenance pool? Yes, but they are not no-maintenance. The work is just less intense and less frequent.

Basic maintenance for a fiberglass pool:

  • Clean regularly, with products made specifically for fiberglass pools
  • Check water chemistry
  • Run the pool filter
  • Keep water level above the skimmer0

River Pools manufactures and installs fiberglass pools in Virginia and Maryland, and we operate in other areas of the country through our nationwide dealers. We know pools, and we’re here for you!

Check out all our blog articles about maintenance for advice on any issues you may encounter. We want to help you make the most of your pool!


How Long Do Fiberglass Pools Last? By Vidyapools

So how long will your fiberglass pool last? From Pools Constructor in Kerala

First of all, the concept of fiberglass is new to a lot of people, but it isn’t new technology—it’s been around for a long time. It’s had all that time to get better and better. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Fiberglass technology was created during the 1930s—unintentionally. Shout-out to glass-making company Owens-Illinois (which was Owens-Corning at the time) for that happy accident.

Fiberglass was first used to produce military aircraft parts during World War II. It was strong, light, and durable, so after the war, it expanded into consumer products such as boats and race cars.

In 1957 this newfangled technology expanded to the swimming pool industry. Hello, fiberglass pools.

Fiberglass pools gained popularity as the technology advanced to make them even stronger and more durable. Many new designs became available, with colored pool finishes, ceramic tile, and poolside spas, and tanning ledges. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Between 2005 and 2015, fiberglass pools jumped from 6% to 17% of inground pool market share in America, nearly tripling in size in only a 10-year period. It was and continues to be, the fastest-growing segment of the nation’s swimming pool industry.

Fiberglass is incredibly durable. Think of yachts, airplanes, race cars, bridges, and other composite-type structures. That’s some sturdy, high-quality fiberglass material. Pools Constructor in Kerala

For pools, the lifespan includes two parts:

  1. The structure
  2. The gel coat surface

How long will the structure of a fiberglass pool last?

The structure of the pool will last as long as the home—certainly 50+ years.

Here at River Pools, we build our fiberglass pools using our cutting-edge Cross-Lynx Composite Technology to fuse every layer together into a single composite structure. Pools Constructor in Kerala

To learn more, watch our 8-part video series about how your fiberglass pool is made!

Because of this confidence, we have a lifetime structural warranty, which says that the pool will not leak as long as it’s used as a regular pool. Pools Constructor in Kerala


How long will the gel coat surface of a fiberglass pool last?

The big question mark for most people regards the durability of the fiberglass pool surface.

We maintain that if a pool is properly manufactured and properly maintained by the customer, the gel coat surface of a modern fiberglass pool should last decades—as in 30–40 years. Pools Constructor in Kerala


Inferior gelcoat blends from decades past have proved themselves incredibly durable, in most cases lasting decades. The improved gel coat used on fiberglass pools today is far more durable, so we anticipate this modern technology far outlasting its predecessors. Pools Constructor in Kerala

How to keep your fiberglass pool from fading prematurely

Even 20 years after installation, your fiberglass pool’s gelcoat should still look excellent if properly manufactured and properly maintained. Any color lightening would be gradual, even, and barely noticeable.

Premature or uneven fading of the gelcoat surface of fiberglass pools is almost always because of improper care of the pool’s water chemistry.

To extend the life of your pool, keep your water chemistry levels within the recommended ranges.

  • pH
  • chlorine
  • cyanuric acid
  • alkalinity
  • calcium hardness

Develop a consistent weekly routine of checking these levels and adding chemicals as needed to balance the water chemistry.

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How to Install a Fiberglass Pool with a Tanning Ledge—the Right Way | By Vidyapools

Are you considering an inground pool or, more specifically, a fiberglass pool with an integrated tanning ledge? Are you a fiberglass pool installer looking for best practices regarding tanning ledge pool installations? Pools Installers in Kerala

If so, you’re in luck! Today we’re going to share our system for installing tanning ledge pools—and reveal our unique manufacturing process to ensure your tanning ledge pool is super awesome. Pools Installers in Kerala

Let’s dive right in!

As fiberglass pool manufacturers, we at River Pools think tanning ledges (also called sun shelves or Baja ledges) are awesome, and we love that we can integrate them into our pool designs. Pools Installers in Kerala

We follow two core principles for the best possible support in installation:

  1. Support the tanning ledge with a pier structure
  2. Use grout underneath so it doesn’t feel hollow

Note: This is all regarding fiberglass pools with an integrated tanning ledge —a tanning ledge that’s built into the pool shell.

If you buy and install your shelf separately from the main pool shell, it will need special care that we won’t go into today. Pools Installers in Kerala

Pier structure to support the tanning ledge

The tanning ledge needs to be supported by a pier structure to keep it from sagging. Positive peer pressure, if you will. Pools Installers in Kerala

We place a cinder block on the outside edge to serve as a support pier. One pier every six to eight feet is sufficient. Pools Installers in Kerala

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How To Improve Your Pool Deck |

The winter seasons means an end for the pool season, but you can still make considerable improvements to your backyard. A logical place to start would be the pool deck. It fails to see as much attention as the pool itself, but the deck is a key cog in making sure your setting is comfortable and visually pleasing. When you have a pool deck that invites people in, it makes the entire experience more enjoyable. If you think it could use some work, take these tips and make it feel brand new again. Swimming pool constructor

The Addition Of Water Features

Water features can add a lot to an already gorgeous setup. Whether it’s through a slide, fountains or even waterfalls, these additions can turn your pool into a legitimate paradise. They also do a great job of minimizing potential distractions. In many cases, the pool has some privacy, but if it doesn’t, features like fountains and waterfalls do a great job of blocking out noise. Swimming pool constructor

Outdoor Room

If you have a pool, then you’re probably hosting parties throughout the summer. Before that time comes, it may be wise to add an additional space for guests, and even your own comfort. An outdoor room or an awning covered area is the perfect complement. Whether it’s a gazebo or an entirely separate seating area, this addition can elevate your deck.

Lighting Fixtures

We all know about lighting within the pool, and that can really make everything stand out. But what about lighting that surrounds the deck? This is the way for you to take the backyard to the next level. When the sun sets and you’re left on the deck chatting with friends and family, the proper lighting can only make the experience better. You can invest in lighting on the home, or you can even incorporate the fixtures underneath the deck itself. Unique lighting can set your pool deck apart from the standard. Swimming pool constructor in kerala