What Are the Best Materials for a Pool Patio? — Pools Constructor Kerala

“A patio around the pool.” Sure. No problem. Sounds simple, right? Until you start thinking size, and shape, and materials, and money… Yuck. Details. The devil’s in ’em. Pools Constructor in Keralaa

But we at River Pools are here to help! We want to clear out the mess and the stress so that you can make the best pool decision for you and your family. We specialize in fiberglass pools, sure, but no matter what pool type you choose in the end, we provide all the information on all the aspects, good and bad. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Side note: We pool people have trouble deciding on terminology. This is pretty much an established fact. So you might hear a pool patio also called the pool “surround,” “deck,” or “decking.” Sorry for any confusion. We’re just going to call it a patio here. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Don’t wince when you look at it!

Every type of pool patio material has its own look and feel.

If you have a specific design theme in mind for your pool, look for a material that complements it.

Remember, your patio is long-term. Don’t go the cheapest route if you know you’ll hate looking at it for years to come. Balance budget with beauty. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Pro tip: if you prefer an upgraded material but can’t swing the budget now, start with a small, sufficient patio up front. You can always add on in the future. Mixing patio materials, in this case, is usually a great option, as it makes the addition less conspicuous. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Heat-resistant patio materials

Don’t burn your feet!

If your pool will be in direct sun for most of the day, you should consider the temperature of your pool patio.

This is especially important in toasty climates like California or Florida.

Lighter colors will help things stay cooler. Check out the following video on various pool patio temperatures.

Don’t fall!

Look for a surface that’s textured and slip-resistant. This can be a little tricky. For example, one would expect that stamped concrete would be relatively slip-resistant because of the stamped surface. Not really. The surface of the stamped concrete is sealed, and even when a skid-resistant additive is used, it might not provide the skid-resistance you would expect. Pools Constructor in Kerala

(And obviously, don’t run around the pool. That’s kind of a no-brainer, but just as a reminder.)

Pain-free patio materials

Don’t scrape your feet!

A little texture is necessary to keep pool-goers from slipping and falling, but too much texture becomes coarse and even painful (exposed aggregate concrete, for example).

If you choose tiles for the material, make sure they’re flat and even. Don’t want to slice your tootsies on a sharp edge by accident. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Common materials for a pool patio surface

Side note: ask your contractor if there are any EPA or LEED requirements on your pool patio materials. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Pool decks often use these materials:

  • Concrete
  • Pavers
  • Travertine
  • Stone
  • Wood
  • Brick

Broomed, stamped, or textured concrete

Concrete is economical and durable. For that reason, it’s by far the most popular pool patio material. Pools Constructor in Kerala

However, it does crack. (There are two types of concrete: that which has cracked and that hasn’t yet cracked.)

It’s also difficult to add on to a concrete patio later because the old and new will most likely not match.

Stamped concrete, because the surface is sealed, is usually a bit slippery. Pools Constructor in Kerala

Here at River Pools, we’ve developed a middle ground between the two, called textured concrete. It includes the “stamped” surface texture of stamped concrete without the extra cost of adding color and sealant. Pools Constructor in Kerala