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After the change of guard at the helm in the state, the fate of a swimming pool project at the multipurpose stadium hangs in the balance. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala The foundation stone of the swimming pool (that was to be developed at an estimated cost of Rs 1 crore) was laid amid huge fanfare by local SAD MLAs in December, 2016, is yet to see light of the day.  The vacant area in front of the gymnasium hall at the stadium was earmarked for a 25-m length all-weather swimming pool. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala As the project is getting delayed, budding as well as seasoned swimmers in the city do not have a swimming pool where they can practise. The Municipal Corporation (MC)-run swimming pool in the Civil Lines mostly remains occupied with city residents and players hardly get time to practise there.“While parents of budding swimmers hire professional swimming coaches for their training at privately-run pools, swimmers from economically weaker sections are left with no option. The practice schedule of players gets hampered on a daily basis at the MC’s swimming pool,” said an executive member of the Bathinda Swimming Association.Besides participation in national-level swimming championships, swimmers of the district bagged 15 medals in the state-level championship in 2017. A veteran swimmer said more medals could be earned if the Sports Department was allowed to run its own swimming pool where budding swimmers could practise without any objection.Sources in the district Sports Department said the foundation stone-laying ceremony was merely a poll gimmick as it was planned conveniently ahead (December 2016) of the Assembly elections in February 2017.Rajinder Brar, executive member of the Bathinda Swimming Association, said, “With successive governments not paying any heed to the swimming pool project, it has been reduced to be a mere poll gimmick. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala And it is the budding swimmers, especially those who cannot afford to hire professional coaches or pay high registration fee for private pools, are the worst sufferers.”When contacted Balwinder Singh, district sports officer, said, “We have written to the authorities to start work on the swimming pool project, but nothing concrete has been done so far.”Jeet Mohinder Sidhu, president of the association and MLA who laid the foundation stone, said, “We have approached the government to release funds for the swimming pool, but they denied citing fund shortage.” Swimming pool manufacturer in keralaVidyapools - Pools Constructor Kerala


Corporation’s renovated Swimming Pool ready to make a Splash

The city corporation’s renovated indoor swimming pool housed in Gandhi Park will be opened for public from Saturday. While employees of the corporation, their family members and corporation school students can use the pool for free, members of the public have to pay a fee to use the facility. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala
“We have fixed Rs 50 for an adult per hour and Rs 25 for a child,” an official said.

In May 2012, a seven-year-old boy had drowned in the pool, which was 12 feet deep. The corporation then decided to renovate the pool and spent Rs 1.87 crore on the work.

According to sources, the depth of the renovated pool has been reduced drastically. “It is 4-5 feet deep, 12.6-metre wide and 25.6-metre long. A separate two feet deep pool has been constructed for kids. Toilet facilities also have been arranged in the premises,” the official said.

 The pool will be maintained by a Chennai-based firm for three years. “Experienced coaches will be there to guide people. Also, the firm will conduct swimming classes for women handled by women coaches,” he said.
 “The new pool will help corporation school students to train and participate in swimming competitions. The gallery can accommodate more than 100 people. Water for the pool will be fetched from the bore well located inside the Gandhi Park,” he added. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala
 Municipal administration minister SP Velumani will inaugurate the facility. Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala
According to sources, the depth of the renovated pool has been reduced drastically. “It is 4-5 feet deep, 12.6-metre wide and 25.6-metre long. A separate two feet deep pool has been constructed for kids. Toilet facilities also have been arranged in the premises,” the official said.

New varieties in swimming pools By Vidyapools

Many homeowners are ditching the shallow to the deep design of a pool and making the depth level. This new trend opens up a whole new world for sports and fitness. Games like basketball and volleyball are evenly played and lap swimming is also easier. Homeowners can also opt to do simple exercises like leg lifts and arm  movement. understanding this need swimming pool manufacturer in kerala   started doing those kind of pools also here in kerala. swimming pool manufacturer in kerala

Many homeowners are looking to save money with their pool maintenance. swimming pool manufacturer in kerala suggest switching to energy efficient pool pumps and heaters, the homeowner is not only saving money but also energy. They can also add a solar cover to reduce water evaporation. Automation is also attractive to pool owners because they can time when their pool pumps and heaters run and also turn on lights and jets automatically. swimming pool manufacturer in kerala

The pool has become a central location to gather and entertain. During the summer, guests can cool off while relaxing and enjoying a great meal. swimming pool manufacturer in kerala also provides Outdoor kitchens with the latest furnishings have extended living spaces beyond the back door. During the cooler months, a fire feature is a great place to gather.

A wading pool at the entry allows bathers to enjoy a quick dip in tanning and also provides a shallow area for younger kids to splash and play. Another attractive thing done by swimming pool manufacturer in kerala is  Water bubblers and sheer descents add beautiful sight and sound to the stairs that lead up to the pool and spa and transform them into a decorative fountain for all to enjoy.

swimming pool manufacturer in kerala says when you’re ready to go for a swim, the large freeform pool offers plenty of space to swim laps, or delight in the soothing cascade of the rock waterfall. At night, relax and revive your muscles from all those laps with a warm soak in the custom spillover spa.

swimming pool manufacturer in kerala brings a new idea for the fitness conscious guys. Swim spas—or swim-in-place pools—have been receiving a lot of attention lately thanks to the recent rise in health consciousness and the pursuit of fitness over the past year. Good for swimming, water workouts, and aquatic therapy, swim spas offer a great solution for small spaces, outdoors or inside.

Installed indoors, a swim spa becomes a piece of aquatic fitness equipment that can be used year-round. By moving your workouts to the water, you get a great cardiovascular and strength workout with little to no impact on your joints.



Looking for a fun way to exercise? Moving your workout to the water can make exercising fun. Swimming targets all major muscle groups, including your inner forearm, biceps, pectorals, latissimus dorsis, groin, quadriceps, glutes, trapezius, and calves- without impacting your joints. Swimming pool contractor in India The water acts as a form of resistance, which makes it feel like movements are easier, but in reality, you are propelling and treading water harder. Swimming is ideal for individuals such as pregnant women, seniors, and obese as the stress impact on the body is greatly reduced.  According to the American Council on Exercise, exercising in water makes you feel 90 percent lighter. Here are various forms of swimming pool exercise that is ow impact and easier on your body.


Swimming laps in a pool provide a quick way to burn calories. According to ACTIVE, while swimming freestyle for an hour, a 130-pound person can burn approximately 413-590 calories depending on their speed. A 155-pound person can burn between 493-704 calories per hour, and a 205-pound person burns 651-931 calories per hour.

There are many different strokes you can utilise while swimming laps including the breaststroke, backstroke, and the highest calorie burner, the butterfly. All of these strokes are low impact exercises. Low impact exercise is ideal for individuals with joint pain of the back or knees, arthritis, and foot or leg injuries. Swimming laps in a pool is a fun way to exert energy, burn calories, and stay cool. Although an individual’s weight plays a large role in the number of calories one can burn, the health benefits of swimming laps can help individuals reach optimal health over time.


For beginner swimmers, aquatic exercises provide regular exercises similar to an aerobic gym class, but in a swimming pool. Water walking is a simple repetitive exercise in waist-high that involves walking while swinging your arms. Other aquatic exercises include; leg exercises with pool noodles, arm exercises with water weights, water yoga, and deep water walking or jogging with hand webs. Pool noodles, hand webs, and water weights are the ideal exercise equipment for aquatic exercise.

Vertical water workouts can effectively strengthen your muscles as 75% of resistance in water is greater than swimming horizontally. Ideal exercise water depth should be between waist and chest height, otherwise, you risk losing your balance and put more impact on your joints.


Water aerobics are typically performed while standing vertically in the shallow water. There are a plethora of benefits to water aerobics, besides being low impact on bones, joints, and muscles. Individuals who use water aerobics as their primary form of exercise can benefit from increased muscle strength, endurance, increased flexibility, less stress and decreased anxiety, high calories burned, and reduced blood pressure.

A common type of water aerobic is the K-Tread. K-treads tone your muscles in your chest, back, abs, arms, hamstrings, and buttocks. To perform a K-Tread begin treading water in the deep end of the pool while making small circular motions with cupped hands. You then lift your left leg and extend it straight out at hip level while extending your right leg toward the bottom of the pool. Squeeze your quads and glutes and hold the pose for five seconds while continuing to make circles with your hands. Then, alternate each leg holding for another five seconds.


There are many benefits to moving your exercise routine to the pool. Swimming laps and other aquatic exercises are a fun, low-impact way to exercise for all ages and swim levels. swim exercises are the best method to maintain your physique with physical fitness.

The experts at Shoreline Pools can get you started by helping to build your custom pool. Get your pool exercises started today! Contact Shoreline Pools for more information.


Pool Covers: What’s the Difference and What Are the Benefits by Vidyapools | Swimming pool contractor in India

Swimming pool contractor in India

We’ll cover the benefits each cover has to offer to help you make the best decision for you and your family! Swimming pool contractor in India

Keep in mind that all cover options will help to keep debris such as dirt, leaves, and twigs from entering the pool. Covers also reduce the amount of sun-grown algae in your pool as they provide a shield from Mr. Sun’s rays. This keeps your pool cleaner and quicker to jump back into after the cover comes off!


A winter cover is essentially an incredibly large tarp that goes over your pool and sits on the water in the winter time to help keep out debris. The cover is held in place by water bags, which will need to be replaced often.

Winter covers are initially the easiest to install and the most cost-effective choice upfront. However, these covers will only last between 1-5 years (depending on your environment and care) before needing to be replaced.

The key difference is, unlike safety covers, there are no safety benefits to winter covers. In fact, they can cause incredible safety concerns if a person or animal wonders onto the cover and becomes entrapped or ensnared once engulfed in the water.

Winter Cover Advantages

Keeps the Pool Clean
Blocks Out Sun
Product Cost is Comparatively Low
Easiest Initial Installation
Quick and Easy Availability

Winter Cover Disadvantages

No Safety Features
Potential Risk for Children and Animals.
Poor Durability.
Both Water Bags and Cover Needs Replaced Often
Visually Unappealing

NOT-SO-FUN-FACT: Have you heard of the Attractive Nuisance Doctrine? It states that landowners may be held liable for injuries to children trespassing on land if the injury is caused by an object on the land that is likely to attract children. That means that if your pool is not properly secured you could as a pool owner could be held liable for injuries or even accidental drownings of neighborhood youth even if they trespassed onto the property. Swimming pool contractor in India

One of the main benefits of a safety cover (traditional or automatic) is the additional security that you provide for your family and pets but also to your neighbors, unintended guests, and wondering wildlife (which can claw/ruin a vinyl liner attempting to get out of the pool). Swimming pool contractor in India

Safety covers are made of a stronger, more durable material than winter covers in order to ensure the desired safety components. These covers are able to withstand between 485 – 4,000 pounds! This makes any brand of safety cover much more likely to long outlast a winter cover. Swimming pool contractor in India. Swimming pool contractor in India

Lastly, unlike winter covers that have to be installed annually, once a safety cover is installed, you’re good to go season after season! Let’s look at the two types of safety covers- traditional and automatic!. Swimming pool contractor in India


Traditional safety covers are either woven mesh or solid vinyl which are secured to your pool’s deck with straps to anchors around the entire perimeter of your pool in order to close your pool for the cooler season. Safety covers also prevent accidents as they provide extra protection for children, animals, and unintended guests. Swimming pool contractor in India

While winter covers may require maintenance during the winter to remove leaves and water, safety covers typically require very little attention. Swimming pool contractor in India

Both types of safety cover material provide protection for your pool and guests however each has its own advantages:

Mesh Advantages

Lighter and Easier to Handle
Rain and Snow Pass Through the Mesh into The Pool
Leaves and Large Debris Are Collected on Top
Less Expensive Than a Solid Safety Cover

Solid Advantages

Blocks 100% Of Sunlight Preventing Algae Growth Which Can Stain Your Pool
Easier Spring Clean Up as Dirty Water is Kept Out
Prevents Fine Debris from Entering the Pool
Stronger More Durable Material

The main deterrent for not purchasing a safety cover over a winter cover is almost always price. However, keep in mind that a winter cover is only initially more cost effective upfront. In the long run, a safety cover, which on average lasts 12-15 years, will cost about the same as needing to replace a winter cover over the same course of time. If you take into account the added expenses of frequent water bag replacements, cover pumps, and the increased labor of springtime cover cleaning, a safety cover can even be cheaper in the long run. Swimming pool contractor in India

Safety Cover Advantages

Keeps the Pool Clean
Blocks Out Sun
Safety- Will Prevent Access to Pool
Visually Appealing
Low Maintenance
Durable and Long Lifespan

Safety Cover Disadvantages

Higher Costs Compared to a Single Winter Cover
Custom Covers Can Take 3-4 Weeks to Create
Installation Requires Tools and Extensive Labor


Automatic safety covers are intended for daily use instead of just seasonal usage. This comes with many advantages right off the bat. What other covers can only offer in the winter- automatic safety covers offer every day making them good examples of you get what you pay for. Swimming pool contractor in India

There is no safer way to cover your pool than with the daily use of an automatic safety cover! These covers ensure that all the sides of the pool are sealed preventing any entry into the pool resulting in extreme peace of mind whenever your pool is not in use.

Covers minimize evaporation; minimizing evaporation on a daily basis can help to lower your water bill over the course of a swimming season as you won’t be constantly adding water to the pool to make up for the lost volume!

Auto covers also help to keep your pool clean much more often and by keeping dirt and debris out of your pool on a regular basis, you have the additional added benefits of:

Reducing the need to run your filtration system (energy saving!)
Decreasing the expense/usage of chemicals & chlorine required to keep your pool clean
Using a pool cover can reduce a pool’s chemical consumption by 35 – 60%
Dramatically reducing the costs of service routines by needing them less often
You can potentially save up to 75% of energy used to filter and treat the water by covering your pool when it is not being used! Also with reduced operating hours, your equipment lasts longer! Your pumps/motors need replaced less often and filters require less frequent cleanings which in some cases can also conserves water!

Here’s a big money saver! If you heat your pool to extend your swimming season, an automatic safety cover will keep a vast majority of that heat in the pool when you are not using it! This will result in you not having to reheat your pool as often, dramatically reducing heating costs. Furthermore, covering a heated swimming pool at night will retain heat instead of losing it overnight when temperatures drop. Swimming pool contractor in India

All the energy saving benefits of automatic pool covers won’t do you any good if your pool is never actually covered. Which is why the majority of auto covers utilize a simple activation switch to roll on and off your pool in less than 2 minutes! This quick user-friendly design has made auto covers the most used pool cover product on the market!

Automatic safety cover technology can be installed on just about any shape/size pool, even existing irregular shaped pools! They can even be installed in a way that makes them virtually hidden when not in use! Even when covering the pool, the fabric comes in a wide variety colors to help enhance the overall look of your pool area!. Swimming pool contractor in India

Auto Cover Advantages

Keeps the Pool Clean Daily

Blocks Out Sun Daily

Provide Daily Safety

Visually Appealing

Durable and Long Lifespan

Saves Money in the Long Run

Reduces Energy Use & Helps Hold in Heat

Helps Minimize Pests in the Pool

Auto Cover Disadvantages

Higher Upfront Cost

Higher Replacement Costs

Can Cause Pools to be “Too Warm”

If Installing on An Existing Pool May Need to Re-Deck

Additional Parts to Replace- Ropes, Pulleys, Etc.

Not a True Winter Cover if Your Area Experiences Heavy Snow

When it comes to the pool ownership experience, there is an amazing feeling that comes with flipping a switch and clear swimmer-ready water is revealed. No leaves. No insects. No need to haul out the poled pool net for half an hour while your children constantly ask if they can get in yet. When you have an automatic cover, you have a warm clean pool at a moment’s notice.
Regardless of your cover choice, a well-maintained pool is essential for a well-enjoyed pool. We hope that this article has provided you with the information needed to make the best decision for your specific pool needs!


Best Time for Swimming Pool Construction By Vidya Pools

Swimming pool contractor in India | Vidyapools

As with most home renovation projects, the earlier you start inground pool construction, the sooner you can relax and enjoy your pool.

This could be as early as fall in preparation for the next pool season, or as early as spring so you can enjoy your pool for the upcoming summer.

There is no wrong time to start planning for your inground pool installation. The best time for inground pool construction is when you’re ready, both financially and scheduling wise. You don’t have to rush. Take your time to save enough money and plan your ideal backyard landscape.

And once you’re ready, you can start shopping around for expert pool builders to help you make your dream a reality.

As far as Ottawa’s seasons go, each season has its own benefits and drawbacks for pool construction. So you’ll have to weigh the pros and cons when deciding on the best time for you.

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of building inground pools in Ottawa for each season so you’ll know what to expect when you’re ready to start planning.


Pro: Your pool will be ready to use come summer.

Con: Since this is the start of the busy pool-building season, pool builders and suppliers are in high demand. They book up fast and won’t have the same off-season deals.


Pro: If you start pool construction in early summer, you will still have a chance to enjoy your pool while there’s some warm weather left. And if you start contacting pool builders in late summer after the busy season, they will be eager to extend their work season.

Con: Your backyard will be under construction for part of the summer, which could put a damper on your backyard enjoyment. Swimming pool contractor in India


Pros: Fall usually sees a drop in costs for materials and installation, and pool builders will have more time in their schedule. You can also start planning your backyard landscape for the upcoming year, and know for certain that your pool will be ready for next summer.

Con: You will likely have to wait until the following pool season to use your new pool. Swimming pool contractor in India.


Pro: You might be able to negotiate a good deal with pool builders.

Con: The cold weather might make it difficult to build an inground pool in Ottawa, especially if the ground has already frozen.

The more time you put into planning for your pool, the more pleased you will be when the construction is finished. There are a lot of things to consider, including budgeting and scheduling, that go into pool construction.

If you are ready to start building now, then you can enjoy your pool this summer. But if not, don’t worry. Your dream pool won’t be going anywhere if you decide to build it later in the year. Consider the costs and advantages of pool building in different seasons, and start planning for you dream pool. Swimming pool contractor in India


New trends in swimming pools by Vidyapools | swimming pool manufacturer in kerala

Warm weather and abundant sunshine are reasons enough to invest in a custom pool and spa, but you need the right swimming pool manufacturer in kerala to do it right. The best luxury pool builders can naturally enhance the beauty of your space with their work. Swimming pool trends don’t have to be some unattainable ideal. With the help of swimming pool manufacturer in Kerala who have a solution for every budget, you can have the pool and spa of your dreams this coming year.

It’s arguably true that swimming pools play a crucial part in actualizing the dreams of most people. Year after year, there are new swimming pool trends. The most common trends for swimming pools are seen in shapes, styles, landscaping, and changing manufacturing techniques. The design trends are constantly evolving as new technology, materials, and pool features get on the market. Today, there are endless choices than ever to customize and add character to your swimming pool swimming pool manufacturer in kerala are  well equipped with the most modern international technology and styles which match your needs

In the recent years, automated control systems have been growing rapidly in technology and consumer adoption. Technological advancement ensures that all sorts of equipment are efficient. It is through technological advancement that you can run your equipment during off-peak and as well as schedule multiple shorter cycles in the most flexible way.Swimming pool manufacturer in kerala are also facilitating the automation in your swimming pools. In fact, you can control your system from your smartphone whenever and wherever you want. Also, you can control the jets, fountains, spa, lights and audio components effortlessly.

If you want to add a unique feel to your pool, go for LED lights. These lights are perfect in creating ambiance for a night swim. In addition to a night swim, you can make your pool a focal point for a nighttime party with your friends or colleagues. swimming pool manufacturer kerala serves you the best unique lighting which suites our needs

The era of concrete bottomed pools is coming to an end. Glass and stone tiles are now considered to be the materials for the future. You can use glass tiles throughout the whole pool as they have a perfect reflective quality against the water. In fact, glass tiles give a luxurious accent. They create beautiful colors and patterns that evoke a spa-like feel that will enhance your swimming experience. If you want that beautiful look, you can choose to have glass tiles implemented on the ground of the pool. If you want a traditional, Romanesque effect for your pool, stone tiles can create that. even though the glass-bottomed pools are of western style swimming pool manufacturer kerala adopts that style

The lure of an infinity edge swimming pool is still a popular design element used by swimming pool manufacturer kerala. Infinity edge techniques add everything that is within your vision into your home design. In fact, an infinity edge swimming pool gives the pool space a sleek, modern feel. An infinity edge works perfectly well with different views and can better an already great view. It allows a pool to mesh seamlessly with the surrounding. A built-in water feature is created as the water cascades over the edge into its own reservoir

Swimming pool manufacturer kerala brings a splash deck/tanning ledge is a shallow area that allows for sunbathing and play. You can choose to hang out in this space if you are not in the mood of wading into the water fully. This space is perfect for young kids and even pets. It makes the pool feel spacious and welcoming.

water features come in countless options that can enhance your outdoor living experience. The sound of moving or running water is soothing, and the gorgeous visual effect of flowing water something that you would want to experience as it creates a relaxed atmosphere. swimming pool manufacturer kerala says adding a water feature is the best way to create a perfect getaway to your pool. The water feature brings a sense of peace and relaxation to your home.


Open Your Pool with Ease by Vidyapools | Swimming pool contractor in India

This winter was unseasonably warm for many areas. For others, the cold winter is still upon you. But as springtime approaches and the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool. You should begin to get out your checklist together and determine which chemicals you will need. It’s time to get outside reclaim your outdoor oasis. Swimming pool contractor in India

Opening a pool is now easier than ever and with a few simple steps, you can be ready to enjoy your pool in no time! One of the most overlooked areas regarding opening the swimming pool is the area around your swimming pool. Remember to clean up debris from the pool deck, patio and surrounding areas. Trim trees and overgrown shrubs to avoid debris entering the swimming pool. Next, make sure that you have all the necessary chemical and equipment ready for the whole pool opening process. Quick Tip: Pool maintenance supplies that are past expiration should be properly disposed of and replaced with new chemicals. These chemicals will not give the desired result, and may be harmful to the swimming pool during the opening process. Swimming pool contractor in India

Remove the cover on the swimming pool very carefully. Avoid combining water from the top of the cover with the pool water. Use a shop vac or pump to remove this water. After removing the cover, bring it to an area that allows the cover to properly drain. Thoroughly sweep and hose off the cover and use cleaner or treatment if it’s recommended by the manufacturer of the cover. Tightly roll, or fan-fold the cover and wrap with rope or use strapping to keep it tight. Always store the pool cover indoors or in a garage to keep it away from insects, rodents and moisture.

Next, inspect every aspect of your swimming pool. Remove all expansion plugs from the skimmer and wall returns and restore the directional fittings. Check the filter and pump for any damage or worn out parts. You may have to purchase new parts or a replacement depending on the condition of the part. Check the lighting of the pool for any damage because of the freezing temperature. Remove all calcium stains with a tile brush and tile cleaner. For tougher stains use a pumice stone. Look for any cracks in the plaster in or around your pool. It is easier to fix these now than later on in the process.


How Long Should I Run My Pool Pump? | Vidyapools

Time for a shout-out to the unsung heroes: pump and filter systems! Your pool pump circulates the water to distribute the chemicals and filter out particulate matter from the water to keep the water clean, pretty, and safe. Pools constructors in Kerala.

It’s doing you a solid, but it can also be a giant energy hog thanks to all that work. Pools constructors in Kerala (Plus, extended hard work could wear the pump out sooner than expected. We don’t want that. After all, extended hard work is the worst.).

So how can you get all the benefits without spending extra money on electrical costs you don’t need? Pools constructors in Kerala.

This can get super technical with gross things like words and numbers… But we’ll give a basic answer and a complex answer.

First, though, you’ll need to know your pump’s flow rate and speed options.


The flow rate for a pool pump

How much water does your pump filter in a set time period? That speed is your flow rate.

(Note: This is not the same as a turnover rate.)

You can find the flow rate on the manufacturer’s instructions for the pool pump. It’ll be measured in gallons per minute (GPM) or gallons per hour (gph).

The flow rate dictates the size of most pool equipment, water quality, and water clarity. Pools constructors in Kerala


Types of pool pumps

Single-speed and two-speed pumps for a pool

A single-speed pump has a single flow rate, and that’s it.

Back in “ye olde” days, when everyone had one-speed pumps, most people ran their pumps 6–12 hours a day, on a timer. Pools constructors in Kerala

A single-speed pump makes things a little simpler in that you don’t have to think about when to turn the speed up or down. You set the timer and let it do its thing.

Unfortunately, this is also its downside. You don’t have the option to run it at a lower speed to save energy. Pools constructors in Kerala

two-speed pump is a step up: you can flip a switch between a high speed and low speed.


Variable-speed pumps for a pool

Now we have the innovations of variable-speed pumps as well.

You can change the flow rate of the pump so that it doesn’t consume as much energy but still moves many gallons of water.

Bonus: lower speeds also means lower noise.

Technology is amazing.


Guidelines for running a pool pump

The turnover rate of a swimming pool is the amount of time (usually hours) it takes for the pumping and filtration systems to cycle all of the water in the pool once. Pools constructors in Kerala

The turnover rate for pools:

  • Swimming pools: 8 hours or less (preferred 6 hours or less)
  • Wading pools: 2 hours or less (preferred 1 hour or less)
  • Spa pools: 1 hour or less (preferred 0.5 hours or less)

Keep in mind that your pool will need to run longer or at higher speeds if you have more swimmers than usual, if the pool gets a lot of suns, or if the weather is warm. A pool in Florida’s climate will likely need more run time than a pool in Ohio’s climate.

As a starting point, though, you can use this formula:

pool volume ÷ flow rate = hours to run the filter for one turnover


Why Swimming Pools? by Vidyapools

Pools are now part of our houses, years back it was only a part of luxury but nowadays swimming pools had become the most necessary thing in a house. Everybody start searching pools constructor only in the last stage of building, people consider pools constructors in Kerala only in the last stage of building. The system needs to be changed. Pools should be included in the first stage of planning itself. Pools constructors in Kerala
Pools constructors Kerala are now coming with different types of ideas that can be included in different styles of buildings whether it be a contemporary or traditional building. Long back high-class traditional houses in Kerala are accommodated with large pools named “kulam” . Pools constructors in Kerala But those were not attached to houses. But nowadays due to lack of space, pools are now attached to the buildings itself. Pools constructors Kerala adopt western-style along with the traditional styles which make pools unique here. Pools constructors Kerala are shifting from hotels/resorts to houses because of the increase in needs
Discussing with different pools constructors Kerala, they got inquiries from even a low budget house also. Most of them need pools which could be matched to their landscape or rather they need landscape attached to their swimming pools. Pools constructors Kerala are preparing pool designs according to this requirement, at the same time they are trying to implement traditionally styled swimming pools in some traditionally styled building like “nalukettu” “ettukettu” etc.
Peoples are running behind pools constructors Kerala for different types of swimming pools which matches there buildings. It’s summer. Pools constructors in Kerala

Landscaping is about more than just planting a few flowers and bushes around your yard. It’s about planning and creating a pool environment that’s easy to get to — and hard to leave. Your first step is to get inspired. It can be a movie, a native flower or a planter you just couldn’t resist. If you grow plants that are tall enough, they will form privacy screens around the pool area. But plants must be chosen wisely. Strive for low-maintenance plants. For instance, you don’t want large deciduous trees around swimming pools, as you will end up constantly fishing leaves out of the water. Even needle-bearing evergreen trees can be messy. Plants and trees provide beauty and privacy around the yard. They soften the harsh lines of hardscapes and blend the flora more naturally with the surrounding environment. Pools constructors in Kerala

Retaining walls can help turn “ordinary” landscaping into amazing works of art. Many homes have been built on the sloped ground, and while the home itself is level, the gardens or yards have been left on the sloped ground. In this situation, many owners prefer to have the slope leveled off into sections to provide, for example, flat play areas for the kids, barbecue areas and flat flower and vegetable beds, with steps leading down to each area. Retaining walls have to be able not only to hold the weight of earth behind and above them but also to allow drainage in the event of a storm. Pools constructors in Kerala