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This winter was unseasonably warm for many areas. For others, the cold winter is still upon you. But as springtime approaches and the weather begins to warm up, it’s time to think about opening your swimming pool. You should begin to get out your checklist together and determine which chemicals you will need. It’s time to get outside reclaim your outdoor oasis. Swimming pool contractor in India

Opening a pool is now easier than ever and with a few simple steps, you can be ready to enjoy your pool in no time! One of the most overlooked areas regarding opening the swimming pool is the area around your swimming pool. Remember to clean up debris from the pool deck, patio and surrounding areas. Trim trees and overgrown shrubs to avoid debris entering the swimming pool. Next, make sure that you have all the necessary chemical and equipment ready for the whole pool opening process. Quick Tip: Pool maintenance supplies that are past expiration should be properly disposed of and replaced with new chemicals. These chemicals will not give the desired result, and may be harmful to the swimming pool during the opening process. Swimming pool contractor in India

Remove the cover on the swimming pool very carefully. Avoid combining water from the top of the cover with the pool water. Use a shop vac or pump to remove this water. After removing the cover, bring it to an area that allows the cover to properly drain. Thoroughly sweep and hose off the cover and use cleaner or treatment if it’s recommended by the manufacturer of the cover. Tightly roll, or fan-fold the cover and wrap with rope or use strapping to keep it tight. Always store the pool cover indoors or in a garage to keep it away from insects, rodents and moisture.

Next, inspect every aspect of your swimming pool. Remove all expansion plugs from the skimmer and wall returns and restore the directional fittings. Check the filter and pump for any damage or worn out parts. You may have to purchase new parts or a replacement depending on the condition of the part. Check the lighting of the pool for any damage because of the freezing temperature. Remove all calcium stains with a tile brush and tile cleaner. For tougher stains use a pumice stone. Look for any cracks in the plaster in or around your pool. It is easier to fix these now than later on in the process.

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