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How and When to Drain a Fiberglass Pool

For most (if not all) pool manufacturers, an authorized dealer must drain the pool, or you may void your warranty. Pools Constructor in Kerala

The basic process:

  1. Verify that the weather will be dry during the entire process.
  2. Inspect and remove any groundwater.
  3. Brace the pool. (Pools Constructor in Kerala)
  4. Remove the water, making sure that the floor doesn’t lift.

Check the weather first. You’ll need to drain and refill the pool all in dry weather. (If you get a big storm, it could flood around the outside of the pool. The pool wouldn’t have the water pressure to hold up against it.)

Inspect and remove any groundwater. This is where that sump pipe comes in handy.

Brace the pool across the width of the pool. Typically 3 braces are used 18–24 inches down the side walls of the pool.

Start removing the water.

The side walls of the pool may push in from the pressure, which can cause the floor to lift.

As you remove water, inspect the pool floor to verify that it’s not lifting or feeling spongy.

One trick to keep the floor down: put 6–8 big plastic trash cans in the pool when it’s full. As you lower the water level, the water stays in the trash cans and provides downward pressure. Pools Constructor in Kerala


What other maintenance do fiberglass pools need?

Fiberglass pools need the least maintenance of all three pool types. And the best news of all: 95% of fiberglass pools won’t need to be drained for decades.

So are they the most low-maintenance pool? Yes, but they are not no-maintenance. The work is just less intense and less frequent.

Basic maintenance for a fiberglass pool:

  • Clean regularly, with products made specifically for fiberglass pools
  • Check water chemistry
  • Run the pool filter
  • Keep water level above the skimmer0

River Pools manufactures and installs fiberglass pools in Virginia and Maryland, and we operate in other areas of the country through our nationwide dealers. We know pools, and we’re here for you!

Check out all our blog articles about maintenance for advice on any issues you may encounter. We want to help you make the most of your pool!

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