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How to Install a Fiberglass Pool with a Tanning Ledge—the Right Way | By Vidyapools

Are you considering an inground pool or, more specifically, a fiberglass pool with an integrated tanning ledge? Are you a fiberglass pool installer looking for best practices regarding tanning ledge pool installations? Pools Installers in Kerala

If so, you’re in luck! Today we’re going to share our system for installing tanning ledge pools—and reveal our unique manufacturing process to ensure your tanning ledge pool is super awesome. Pools Installers in Kerala

Let’s dive right in!

As fiberglass pool manufacturers, we at River Pools think tanning ledges (also called sun shelves or Baja ledges) are awesome, and we love that we can integrate them into our pool designs. Pools Installers in Kerala

We follow two core principles for the best possible support in installation:

  1. Support the tanning ledge with a pier structure
  2. Use grout underneath so it doesn’t feel hollow

Note: This is all regarding fiberglass pools with an integrated tanning ledge —a tanning ledge that’s built into the pool shell.

If you buy and install your shelf separately from the main pool shell, it will need special care that we won’t go into today. Pools Installers in Kerala

Pier structure to support the tanning ledge

The tanning ledge needs to be supported by a pier structure to keep it from sagging. Positive peer pressure, if you will. Pools Installers in Kerala

We place a cinder block on the outside edge to serve as a support pier. One pier every six to eight feet is sufficient. Pools Installers in Kerala

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